Q&A: The Wolf Pack

November 29, 2009 at 6:27 PM (Wolf Pack)

Bam’s Blog did an interview with four members of the wolf pack from New Moon in a press conference.
Q: Was there a wolf boot camp for this or do your abs just naturally look great?

Spencer: No, they made us work out. It was an hour of training, they got us a trainer. We went in, it was a guy who helped out on 300. They threw us into the training for maybe an hour and ten minutes, and it was a lot of circuit training and muscle confusion. We also ate a lot. We ate six meals a day, three protein shakes a day.

Meraz: And thanks to Chaske, we also ate a lot of apple pie.

Spencer: Yes. Dessert, too. Yeah, I was a bad influence.

Pelletier: We did strength training, conditioning, weight training, lots of cardio. It was pretty intense.

Meraz: It was definitely crucial to the bonding, too. That’s really what helped out with building the chemistry on set and even during filming, I think it really helped out a lot. We had a blast. We supported each other, we even made fun of each other – you know, like who could do the most push-ups or whatever. It really helped out with our characterizations.

Spencer: I think the chemistry, you’ll see it on the screen. We all get along, and that’s really cool and surprising, because in some films you just don’t get along with the other people, but this time around, they picked the right people.

Meraz: I love you, man! I love you, Dad!

Pelletier: Definitely like a band of brothers, that’s for sure. …


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