Interview Magazine: Michael Sheen Interviews Ashley Greene

January 16, 2010 at 1:25 PM (Ashley Greene, Michael Sheen)

The history of Ashley Greene (Alice) is a very cute story and it’s being drug out of her by the charismatic Michael Sheen that plays Aro. This playful and informative interview had me giggling from beginning to end.

Ashley is very sweet with fans from my experience. She actually called people’s daughters and friends on their cell phones for fun. I loved this quality in Ms. Greene and Michael asks her about fans in this excerpt:

SHEEN: I’ve been in L.A. and around Hollywood for maybe six or seven years off and on, and that’s as sort of an older guy. I don’t know how I would’ve coped if I had the kind of success you’ve had at your age, because people do react to you incredibly differently if success is associated with you. How do you cope with that?

GREENE: I think if it was fame for another reason, then it would be a little different. But, with this film in particular, people have become very passionate about it—about my character, but also about me, really relating to me and wanting to be my best friend. And so they cry, and they get so nervous.

SHEEN: Do people actually cry in front of you?

GREENE: Yes. Oh, yes. Fans shake and cry. You kind of don’t know what to do. I give them a hug or whatever. People ask if I get annoyed, but you can’t really get annoyed at something like that.

SHEEN: Are you sure they’re not crying after you hug them? Maybe they don’t want to be hugged.

GREENE: I will look at it the way that I want to, even if it’s not true. I’m an actor.

SHEEN: All right.

GREENE: But, you know, most of my fans are really respectful and great. It’s too early for me to be jaded. Ask me in 10 years or something. . . . I just booked a lead in a Warner Brothers film, and probably part of it was because they know that there are all these fans. I mean, hopefully it’s because of my talent, too.

Read the full interview Here

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