Kristen Stewart Interview: The Yellow Handkerchief

February 20, 2010 at 7:07 PM (Kristen Stewart)


Q: Were there any particular scenes in this that stood out for you? 

Kristen: That scene where we first kiss was THE scene. It was a really big deal, especially the way it was written. My character was so explosive and so sensitive. You would never expect so much from this tiny little thing. It was like, “What is wrong with you?” And, her problems are so completely far away from anything Gordy could ever understand. It’s like opposite sides of a magnet. I can’t even watch that scene.

 That was what I was most intimidated by, technically speaking. She’s so explosive and emotional in that scene, and so raw in that moment, and you don’t know her very well yet. It was a very defining moment for her, so I was nervous about doing that wrong and having it seem out of nowhere. I didn’t want her to seem like an arbitrarily weird, emotional girl, for no reason.

 The characters were drawn so wholly and completely that, if we didn’t play them that way, they wouldn’t have made sense. It would have been a bit of a random story because it’s so quaint. It’s not like all these plot events happen. So, all these little character things are unspoken. I was nervous about that. But, the last scene of the movie was what I really put everything into because it was written differently as well. We got there and we didn’t have a whole lot of time to shoot. It was raining and they were like, “Okay, we have 10 minutes to get this.” The way it was written, she was so emotional. Everything affects her. She has such thin skin and feels everything so much. That moment where everything comes to fruition, it needs to be effective.

 Q: Have accents always come easy for you?

 Kristen: I had to go to school for it, so they could break it down. There’s 15 accents, just within Louisiana. And then, you can fall back on it.

 Read the whole interview at IESB.


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