MTV: Taylor Lautner Cast In ‘Abduction’

February 23, 2010 at 10:57 PM (Taylor Lautner)

Taylor Lautner has been lining up a lot of work lately, landing the lead roles in the big-screen adaptation of the TV show “Max Steel” and the effort to bring the action figure Stretch Armstrong to the big screen. Now he’s ready to go missing. Lionsgate has bought the script for the thriller “Abduction” and cast the “Twilight” star as a young man who sees his baby picture on a missing persons Web site.

Lionsgate picked up the project after a week-long bidding war for Shawn Christensen’s spec script. Variety reports that the studio paid a sum in the “high six figures” for the script, which the studio will co-produce with Gotham Group, Vertigo Entertainment and Lautner’s production company Tailor Made.

Christensen has also written a film called “Sidney Hall” with Jason Dolan. That one is currently in the hands of “You, Me And Dupree” director Joe Russo and is slated for a 2010 release.

Lautner returns to theaters on June 30, when he reprises his role as Jacob in “Eclipse,” the third entry in the “Twilight” series. There is currently no official word from Summit Entertainment on the status of “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth and final “Twilight” chapter, but it is widely believed that the lengthy story will be broken into two films.

Read more HERE.


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