Kristen Stewart Remembers Her First ‘Twilight’ Interview

February 24, 2010 at 7:16 PM (Kristen Stewart)

“That was the first time you asked me about ‘Twilight’!” Kristen smiled when we caught up last week at the “Handkerchief” junket. “I remember the interview! … You were like ‘So, what’s up with this [movie]?’ ”Actually, she brought up the film. “The movie is called ‘Twilight,’ ” she said during that January 2008 encounter. “Catherine Hardwicke is directing it in Washington. It’s based on a book that’s pretty popular [among] young adult, high school kids.“The main character is, like, superhuman,” she said of Edward Cullen. “He’s a vampire, but with really [heightened powers]. He can run faster than a car can drive, and he’s super strong.”At that point, Stewart added that she would be co-starring with some British actor named Robert Pattinson.“Was Rob cast? I guess I don’t remember,” she explained. “That’s so weird.” The result was the first time Kristen had ever spoken in public about the “Twilight” films, and when we ran a Movies Blog item a bit later, the MTV News team was shocked by the post’s record-setting traffic. That, in turn, gave birth to “Twilight” Tuesdays, the cast’s appearances at the MTV Movie Awards, the media picking up on the phenomenon later that year and — well, you know the rest of the story. Of course, at the time, KStew also got herself in a bit of hot water, saying, “He throws me over his back [in one scene], right before he’s going to tell me that he’s a vampire, and then he runs over the treetops. And we’re going to be in real treetops; we’re not just going to CGI it. We actually get to go up there, and that’s what I’m stoked on.” 

Read the full article at MTV!

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