Ten Things To Love In the ‘Eclipse’ Trailer

March 11, 2010 at 6:03 PM (Eclipse)

Fearnet has a great list of the top ten things in the Eclipse trailer that make us more excited than ever.

The Proposal Scene!
When we spoke with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, she told us to watch for Eclipse’s proposal scene… and we get (part of) it right here in the trailer! (“Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every day of forever.”) Squee away.

First Look at the New Victoria in Action
No matter how you feel about Rachelle Lefevre’s departure from the Twilight franchise, you’re just going to have to get used to Bryce Dallas Howard’s new Victoria. So it’s a good thing that the trailer introduces her in a big way, by leaping across a river in one impressive effects shot. More importantly, it also shows how Slade’s vampire action might solve the weightlessness problem of Twilight’s wire work while feeling more realistic (i.e. not too CG heavy) than that in New Moon. (Then again, we don’t know how his fight action will look just yet.)

Quotes from the Book are Worked in Naturally
In this 90-second trailer alone we get a handful of familiar quotes from the book, which should delight those who know Eclipse by heart. Thankfully, lines like “I’ll be there when your heart stops beating” sound a LOT more natural than lines about lions falling in love with lambs.

See the whole list HERE.


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