Melissa Rosenberg: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn’s Rating

April 7, 2010 at 5:41 AM (Melissa Rosenberg)

LL: Having read Breaking Dawn, where things get ratcheted up a notch, do you still go for that PG-13 rating?

MR: Oh yeah, absolutely. That’s your audience. In this series you don’t sacrifice anything. There are some movies that wouldn’t play at PG-13, like The Hangover, but this is just not one of them for me. Again, if you’re capturing character, emotion, and emotional journey, you’re OK.

LL: Can you talk about Taylor Lautner’s growth into a leading man? It’s seems like he’s really come a long way from Twilight.

MR: Taylor is unusual because he easily could have lost that part. He was a day player in the first movie, and there were all these discussions about whether he’d be coming back. He took it upon himself to transform himself into a leading man. He made himself a leading man. That was nobody but him, he made that for himself.

Taylor Lautner is a rare breed. He wanted something and he made it happen. It easily could have gone the other way, if he doesn’t do anything maybe it doesn’t happen for him. Incredibly driven. That character is such a physical character that it had to be a transformation.

LL: Can you give me one sentence on each director you’ve worked with, what their main strength is, for The Twilight Saga?

MR: Catherine Hardwicke, she brought a very intimate feel. She had a very indie sensibility, she brought those characters to the screen in a very intimate way.

Chris Weitz did sweeping drama. Beautiful visually, and very classic epic storytelling.

David Slade, so far (the process isn’t done yet), brings a level of pacing and intensity.

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