Jesse & Joy – Latin American band will be featured on Eclipse Soundtrack

May 9, 2010 at 8:20 PM (Uncategorized)



Jesse & Joy is the only Latin American band to participate in the soundtrack of the film “Eclipse”, which will be launched on June 8. The song composed by the duo portrays the typical melancholy of relationships in the saga Twilight.

“The song talks about these emotions that love make you feel, at at time, consider something magical and there is a desire that makes you lose gravity. You feel like you’re flying, and it’s all love”, Jesse said in a telephone interview with a major Mexican newspaper.


Seeking to portray the love between Edward and Bella, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the sibblings wrote, a month ago, the words and music of the song Magic and Desire.

“We asked for nothing in particular. We wanted to express that gloom which has in general all the Twilight series,” said Jesse.

On the popular romantic films, the “Espacio Sideral” (Outer Space) intérprertes revealed that it was difficult to agree, as each one is a fan of one of the stories within the film series. “I liked the first (” Twilight “), is one of my favorite movies,” said Jesse, while Joy prefers “New Moon.”

Until we can hear their song “Magic and Desire” on the Eclipse soundtrack, you can listen (and view video) of their hit “Espacio Sideral”


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