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  1. danea said,

    Zabery ,perfektne neni co dodat ,drzim palce! ( Jeden maly sen danea- ROBERT , prid na Slovensko.) Danea – Slovakia

  2. liliana ruiz said,

    hey , im alex wife im gonna live happily ever after with my son/daughter

  3. edward "mike" wick said,

    I made video about Montepulicano where Eclipse New Moon was filmed. I photographed the town in the summer of 2010. Its a 15 minute You Tube with set pictures, screen dumps, building of water fountain and couple hundred high res pictures of the town. Members I’m sure will love to see where the movie was filmed the castle town of Montepulicano in Tuscany Italy. By the way say hi to the cops (and tell that edward -thats my real name – whats to know if they are vampires, they will love it) and get their autographs. But they will still give you a parking ticket.  Go to You Tube and type in mikeminnesota with no spaces and look for my other travel videos. The name of the VIdeo “Eclipse: New Moon Italy was filmed in Montepulicano”

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